Why the next Nissan Qashqai will be bold

NISSAN design boss Alfonso Albaisa has hinted at a a lot bolder search for the next-generation Qashqai due in Australia round 2021, including that he’s not enthusiastic about evolution however as an alternative revolution as that’s what individuals now anticipate from the model.


Speaking to the media at the Tokyo motor present final week, the 32-year firm design veteran stated that whereas “we don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater” by straying too removed from the inherent rightness of the idea that made the first two Qashqai fashions profitable past Nissan’s wildest goals, the firm can’t afford to be complacent or timid with the third-generation follow-up.


“I’m not so sure evolution works,” Mr Albaisa stated. “Qashqai as an entire mannequin is fantastic – it matches in the lifetime of everybody, each European. (But) there was extra leniency for that automotive (for the 2014 restyle).


“Our car is not about evolution. I don’t think we should mix this up. This is an artificial factor that we invent. We should make the best car every time. It doesn’t cost more. So that’s my answer about the next Qashqai’s design.”


While Nissan wouldn’t affirm how revolutionary the modifications will be on the J12 when it makes its international debut next yr, it’s extensively speculated that the physique will be bigger, longer, sleeker and roomier than earlier than, the cabin will undertake higher-quality fittings to match the advances made in the areas of multimedia, communications and driver-assist applied sciences, and that electrification might grow to be out there on some fashions.


As earlier than, the Qashqai is more likely to share its Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance underpinnings with the incoming X-Trail, though that mannequin will be bigger nonetheless next time round in its fourth iteration.


The Qashqai is considered a trendsetter in Europe because it helped pave the approach for shoppers used to purchasing C-segment small automobiles like the Volkswagen Golf to as an alternative think about compact SUVs or crossovers.


Famously, it was Nissan’s incapability to crack the so-called ‘Golf market’ with a number of generations of the Pulsar-based Almera inbuilt the UK from the mid-1990s to 2006 that led the firm to attempt one thing radical like the Qashqai in the first place.


Mr Albaisa revealed that the unique Qashqai from 2006 – bought in Australia from 2007 to 2014 as the Dualis earlier than the redesign adopted the international naming coverage – happened exactly as a result of Nissan’s mindset about design and packaging revolves round revolution anyway, not evolution.


“I was around (during the first Qashqai’s gestation in the early to mid-2000s), and I feel that we weren’t consciously replacing the Almera necessarily,” he stated.


“We did see a change in the human beings in Europe, a bit little bit of an unmet want of the Golf; a whole lot of our research was about the VW Golf at the moment, and we noticed such a chance that this Golf was a fantastic automotive, however there was one thing lacking about it and Qashqai happened due to that mindset.


“We additionally, as designers particularly, have to keep in mind that individuals see the future in us, they usually get extra disillusioned in us once we don’t do one thing provocative, the place they’re a bit bit accepting that VW Group is a little more evolutionary in a pleasant method. I feel we might be crucified, and we’ve been, most of the time. And we don’t have to. 


“We should never dilute the power of design at Nissan because that’s why people think of us. I think we have to be more afraid of evolution than revolution, in our case.”

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